JLS assists clients with a multitude of services as well as mentoring and training. The most frequent needs of our clients these days are:



  • With so many accountants now using QuickBooks across the world, we have been assisting several local clients with transitioning their onsite books and payroll to the newest online (cloud) version of QuickBooks. This allows the client’s accountant access anytime for duties such as preparing quarterly returns, final reconciling, and even payroll.
  • Along with this giant step for many small businesses, it is important to be able to understand the functionality and truly understand the things that make a business tick!


  • Every now and then it is imperative to replace old computers and office equipment. Unfortunately, moving software, anti-virus programs, printer network settings, and valuable files are sometimes a bit challenging to say the least. JLS has a great deal of experience working with these situations and can take these burdens off of you while you concentrate on your business. In addition, JLS can offer very simple “starter sessions” on how to get started with many of today’s most in demand programs;
    • QuickBooks
      • QuickBooks Online
      • QuickBooks Desktop
    • Office 365
      • OneDrive
      • SharePoint
      • Word
      • Excel
      • Outlook
      • Powerpoint
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • InDesign
      • Premiere Pro
    • PreSonus Studio One


  • Along with QuickBooks, small business owners are tired of just “keeping their noses above the water”. Smart operators are taking their futures into their own hands and developing real, manageable┬ábusiness plans to serve as guides to their growth and success!


  • In today’s world, if you are selling anything (services, products, etc.), you cannot avoid social media any longer if you want to grow! We can help create not only a nice social media network, but explain the “hows and whys” behind it! Oh, and you’ll need a marketing campaign to go along with that too!


  • With over 25 years experience in marketing and branding of restaurants, bars, real estate companies, performing artists, and even financial industry, clients can count on JLS to do the valuable market research needed to begin a marketing campaign or even help tweak one that has already been launched and in need of help.


  • Wondering how to go about recording a record, or what to do afterwards? Good news, Jeff Lane is also an aspiring songwriter/guitarist and has already taken many of the paths that you are wondering about!
    • Working with PRO’s (Performing Rights Organizations) such as BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC – you need to register and report!
    • Registering your ISRC codes for your songs and placing them in your recorded work (so you can get paid when radio stations and website use them)
    • How to collect royalties – do you need a publisher, or should you self-publish?
    • How to pitch songs – hard truths.
    • How to build a social media base




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