It’s a long, long story in person so to keep it short and sweet;

After what seemed like 2 lifetimes in the restaurant & bar businesses (opening and managing a total of more than 65 businesses, including real estate-based and development), Jeff Lane finally realized that he probably had a viable set of skills to offer businesses, especially when it came to avoiding the many pitfalls he had experienced on his own. From this epiphany, Jeff Lane’s idea was born – to be an executive-level troubleshooter or manager, but only on payroll one day a week, or even on call! A business could truly benefit from the experience and not have to suffer from the overall cost of having a pro on staff! Everybody could actually win this way…….




2009 – Recipient of “40 Under 40” Award/Recognition from The Business Journal




  2015 KOSBE Awards at Kingsport’s Meadowview Marriott

WORK HISTORY (various industries)

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“Jeff Lane of Jeff Lane Solutions and First Kingsport Credit Union have been working together to create a brand awareness and a business plan to move First Kingsport Credit Union forward. Together we have created a new website at www.firstkptcu.com; completely changed our newsletter to an E-Newsletter that reaches thousands; we have participated in numerous community events; we have completely rewritten many credit union policies to become compliant with all the new changes from the CFPB, we have become the Can-Do and Will- Do CU with Jeff’s help. I could share lots more that is still in the works – but don’t want to revel all of our secrets yet. Just watch how we grow to become a credit union that helps people who need loans and a financial confidant to coach them through rough financial patches. Jeff Lane Solutions creative idea’s and high impact marketing solutions have put ideas into action and we see results daily with increased loan demand!! I cannot say enough positive things about the integrity and dedication that Jeff has devoted to First Kingsport Credit Union. He never fails to make my phone call a priority or answer a text whenever I have a question or just want to bounce an idea off of him. I love the fact that he has experience in so many different facets of business. He teaches me to “think outside of the box” and to dream and implement ideas. I have known Jeff since he was a youngster and I have pride in my heart from his many accomplishments and talents!! I think Jeff Lane has made a major impact at First Kingsport Credit Union!”
— Beverly Boling, CEO

“I’ve known Jeff for quite sometime and know that he is someone who can be trusted and is willing to work until a job is completed regardless of the amount of time required or the severity of the conditions. He is always polite to customers and also knows how to manage staff efficiently. His enthusiasm about whatever he is undertaking is catching.”
— Joe Fleming, United Way of Kingsport

“Jeff has proven to the Kingsport community, numerous times, that he is capable of leading investment projects to their greatest potential in within the given micro and macroeconomic perameters. Mostly focused in the restaurant arena in my dealings with him, Jeff has shown that a precisely controlled budget and high customer retention are attainable goals even in a sour “macromarket”. I believe that as long as Jeff continues leading his future endevours with the same intensity, control and confidence as the recent past, then he will be Page8 just as successful in the future. He is a proven productive leader and I believe he has the necessary ingredients to lead entertainment and restaurant investment projects to their maximum profitability.”
— Spencer Cross

“I worked with Jeff a few years ago on a real estate transaction and found him to be extremely helpful, honest and professional. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. Then a couple of years ago I used his services in a catering capacity when I was on the board of Girls Incorporated and the fundraiser night was a great success which, I have to say, was mainly attributable to the great food and service Jeff and his colleagues provided. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone – his integrity shines through!”
— Jackie Hewitt, Real Estate Broker / TCI Group

“Jeff is a man with a vision and a smile. He always has great ideas and the ability,skills and interest to follow through. A “big picture” guy with a keen eye for the details. Love working with him!”
— Lucy Fleming, Kingsport FUN FEST Director

“Jeff is a community centered individual with vast experience in a variety of areas; including many aspects of food, operations and entertainment. While he is detail oriented, Jeff is exceptional at big-picture issues and developing communities within communities, to provide sustainable and profitable businesses and developments that enhance entire areas. He is fantastic with people, due in no small part by providing premier service. He communicates well and effectively to complete the task at hand.”
— Chadwick Lynnis Riggs